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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin india's population of 1300000000 begins a 3 week lockdown to combat the coronavirus the streets of the capital delhi are deserted as people stayed behind closed doors 5 minister narendra modi born sat without a lock down the country could beat sat back 21 years also coming up i'm also hopeful to have americans working. again by that easter that beautiful easter day. u.s.
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president donald trump expressing tobacco passed congress finally of greens on a big economic stimulus package but the world health organization is warning that the u.s. could soon become the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic we will speak with the w.h.o. in geneva. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program india has become the latest and the largest country to introduce a nation wide lockdown in the fight against the corona virus there have been only about 560 confirmed cases and 11 deaths in india but there are fears that the infection could spread quickly and it's densely populated cities. they look like the streets of a quiet village but these are the roads of india's capital delhi on the 1st day of
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the coronavirus lock down one spot celing bollywood film sets are empty. airlines are grounded travel restricted indians have been warned to take a 3 week stay at home order seriously it is then if these 21 days are not managed properly then the country and your family will be set back by 21 years is a lot of. crowds formed at pharmacies and shops following the prime minister's announcement safeguarding it supplies india has now banned exports of mosques and ventilators as well as an anti malaria drug being tested as a covert 19 treatment health experts say the drastic measures are necessary. if india can fight this together for 2 weeks we definitely would have prevented that from going up and made it flat all that we need to do is to prevent that from
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going it leaving because if that happens in india the results will be much worse than what happened. economic relief has been promised to those unable to work but many remain worried. present that i cannot wait to find out if the government will give me money but how am i supposed to eat until then and what if they don't. with indians housebound about one 3rd of the world's population is now living under some form of lockdown and let's get more now we are joined by the us and he said this in delhi and minister what are people saying about the lockdown and do they support the government's response to the coronavirus epidemic . to a large extent yes all of this is due to go. to steam to stay indoors
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far from mendez stepping out to get a sense it's unfair clinton or prime minister not being one of these vying to lead a group that definitely has wanted to be cute before his national jesness beat one to the crew and i want to ask you to sleep but once he spoke twice to the nation has definitely been war to stick by it oh it's also important to some very hard hit especially in my book us this massive hutu and migration in india and many my own book was trying to be dead easy to get back home even though the prime minister's office in the studio because that business is that off getting them to eat and they can't afford like anymore so the contradiction of us coming in confronts but yes definitely getting the crowd to see this and we're seeing that also in the shops we have to say that there have been scenes of panic buying when the lockdown was announced we've seen this in many countries in fact are indians
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able to get the supplies that they need. led to a large extent part of doesn't look like panic buying would not be necessity side of the prime minister and government have to be to be set. back by showing that especially as i was this. poet has been a concern that police checkpoints often need to she's are trying to group and movement and they're trying to check what if i don't need dissension. and some have these tall is human that tracked the local city budget to those who would so let up on something that looks like indians and wouldn't be able to match up spying once again to las mentioned below who will not have much of access because the want to have that much money and they don't get what so the government then have to make conditions that lets you make sure those people have been awkward in medicine even if they're off. while in delhi thank you so much.
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and lawmakers in the united states have now agreed to a 2 trillion dollars stimulus package democrats and republicans announcing the deal shortly after midnight in washington among the items agreed adults would receive direct deposits of up to 1200 dollars 500 dollars for children the government will support small businesses with loans the tune of $367000000000.00 and hospitals will receive around $150000000000.00 in aid they will also likely be half a trillion dollars in guaranteed subsidized loans to larger businesses. well president donald trump has said that he hopes americans will be back to work by easter but the world health organization is warning that the u.s. could become the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic break in new york city is so severe that white house officials have called on anyone who has recently left the city to self isolate for 2 weeks more than 15000 cases have been confirmed in
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new york city alone and around 200 deaths it's been in lockdown since sunday. people in new york have largely disappeared from sight they're either following orders to stay at home or they're fleshed. that's because half of all u.s. 1000 cases are in new york state officials say the figure could double every 3 days meaning that in less than one week from new york tough more cases than all of china we're not slowing it and it is excel or a being on its own we were looking at a freight train coming across the country we're now looking at a bullet through. because the numbers are growing up in. new york's governess us the states may need as many as 40000 intensive care unit beds in the next few weeks it currently has just 3000 president donald trump set the federal government would try to help but he seemed to be more concerned about the damage to the u.s.
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economy than the rising number of coronavirus cases across the country he suggested the lifting off restrictions on movement should be a matter of weeks not months. hopeful to have americans working. again by that easter that beautiful easter day. for new yorkers their biggest worry is their loved ones. emerging all of my family members to stay home my mom my mom's in her eighty's and she's under strict instructions we love her so much please stay home don't go out some people like this street artist are doing all they can to encourage people to remain indoors. and just trying to make sure that people get the message. and not for sure why not. interact with each other. it's a message directed at all new yorkers he says if they want to slow down the spread
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of the virus. and let's get more on the situation we're joined by christian and my r. he is with the world health organization and joins us from geneva in switzerland welcome to the program and thank you so much for being with us what do you make of president trump's claim that the u.s. should be back to work by easter i mean that that's 2 weeks from now. we're all hopeful that any country we're living in which is a lot on right now should be up and running again literally as soon as possible but that will depend a lot on the measures taken of them into the more strict we are in observing. the physical distancing and. blocked out rules read all the earlier we could back up and going all to work not only the essential ones and going to schools again and so on and so forth. 2 weeks seem to be rather short notice and
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let's not forget all people from as you mention the reports here the people who are leaving new york people who may have been asymptomatic grinnell or with mild symptoms day might be carrying this all over. the us right now all over the globe of course this is something we need to look at the increased testing which is now also happening in the us will show us more cases that's a very normal effect of more testing hence more results and positive results which is good which will rise the numbers of course but this is in that way good that we don't know more of what we're dealing with it needs to know how many people are infected with these people where the contacts are how to treat them and how then of course to isolate them and that means testing testing testing let's talk a little bit more about the treatment because we we had a very dramatic call yesterday from the governor of new york saying about the state desperately needs more respirators on
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a much more dramatic scale what is your assessment of the state of preparation in the united states to handle this crisis. in general. health systems all over the world and in the us in new york apparently. are lacking resources and vitally quitman to treat the cases and see patients coming in and if we have a situation like in italy where doctors are forced to make the decision who will get a. place on the ventilator and who will not get it this is the most horrible decision a doctor is being forced to make and we do not want to reach that stage when the world's sole science that's on the one hand the 1st hand why we need to flatten the craft that's why we need to press that curve down to have as little of an increase as possible in order to have as many people get treatment at the state needed
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that needs hospital bed studies ventilators and of course that it's also the protective equipment for the medical staff let's not forget that this is one of our major vulnerable groups as well so ventilators well there might be ways for industry to beef up the ventilator production as i know the call has been going out to other countries may not be in need of ventilators right now so that a large amount maybe does a way to cooperate this is something on the national and international level too to sort out but yes also trying to coordinate this around the world to get medical equipment where it's most needed christiane lindenmayer from the world health organization thank you so much for your perspective thank you. now here are some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic prince charles the heir to the british throne has tested positive for coronavirus buckingham palace says that he has mild symptoms spain has seen another surge and
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its death toll with more than 3400 deaths spain has now passed china and the number of coronavirus fatalities and is 2nd only to italy and russia's president vladimir putin is to address the nation on the crisis shortly meantime in sports the lack of football during the coronavirus pandemic is hitting fans hard but clubs are also counting the cost lack of match day revenue has left many of the lower leagues in fear of going bust even the big teams in germany's bundesliga are effective and players are volunteering to give up some of their salaries to help clubs out. empty stadiums across germany's bundesliga the coronavirus is having an unprecedented impact on football and football finances. now as some of the game's top players have decided to give up a portion of the multi-million salaries to help their clubs to see a dortmund of announced players management and coaches waving
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a double digit 1000000 amount in wages chief executive hams joachim vazquez said it is a valuable sign of solidarity both to the outside world and to our $850.00 employees . media reports say players an overabundance of the good clubs such as by and munich and by labor coups and making similar gestures. it's about helping people who are struggling financially because of this situation. for example the security guy who works at the stadium and works on match days maybe now doesn't have a job. the bullnose league or expects no football action before april 13th and officials know it may take a lot longer but the players are at least doing their bit off the pitch. and don't forget there is full coverage of the coronavirus crisis on our website
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that said t w dot com i'm sarah kelly in berlin and you've been watching us here i do have a good news i'll be back again at the top of the hour with another update for you thank you so much for watching. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour daily carona update. of the 19 special next on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we have it and then we'll. just through the text and the weekly radio. show it's called spectrum if you would like
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any information on the crown of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at. this is due to covert 900 special from berlin the corona virus has forced millions of people into quarantine and isolation that means millions of people are working from home some for the 1st time we take a look at how people cope with working from home and we ask an expert how the crisis might change how we work for good. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us people all over the world are working from home that includes many of my colleagues here at g.w.
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our reporter sent us a report from her apartment in berlin where she set up her temporary office and she has some tips on how to make it work. 6 now. ever half of surprises in this week now here are. actually from her. no it was easy to pick a shall i put some actual close up. all of this. great time. this may sound super all here but i haven't gotten my microsoft teams to work the entire day right from my mistakes make sure everything works the food past this thing. i know it's super tempting but
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it's a separate clean quiet workspace away from the destruction. are now it's easy for me to say because i don't have kids my only distraction is my favorite t.v. if you can get on the fridge and the laundry and the dishes and the books. to get my point. yes that means you might have to look presentable but talking face to face isn't the best way to be over the long. and happy hour can be a gradual cheat. sleep while you usually go through to cook yourself a yummy like. miley blackout to pay for the music while watching. the whole
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situation is tough for those of us who are privileged enough to still on money and do so on the thinking of our her we should make them. let's speak now to norbert to crow now he's a researcher from the university of potsdam studying how people work from home number thank you for joining us 1st of all what do you think of those tips you know don't work from bad stay in touch on video conference you have anything to add there. yeah this is not only an advantage but it might also be acquired to use does a box just because all travel times are no go on and immediately be replaced by another you know conference not to talk of rest and to not call this all the work and density is that's why science on it is much higher and you get all of this work where you have to walk from one meeting room to a not knowing where you're kind warm to the contrary are or have a break as
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a watercooler all the coffee machine that's all no longer possible all right so you also have for yourself you might have more time a clock then you're saying i mean looking at the fact that millions of people are now in their home offices essentially what if you found i mean how does this change the way we work are we more productive or are we less productive at home. well in some cases in the past in some cases we don't walk productive because now we can't exactly see what the other colleague was talking about because we have power point slides crystal clear all because you know it's crystal clear on the screen not 8 meters away that got going to room and that's an advantage but on the other hand what we are focusing on in our research is that a creative and knowledge intensive process is in it is a business they need the nia ness of people that can work in the same men are
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online and in digital the meeting rooms and therefore we are missing something so we do it to the day we had with my research us virtual lunch break everybody said in front of his camera and eat something and trying something but that's not the same you cannot achieve the knowledge transfer between video screens you need the near miss off persons and right in some or all the noise intense processes we have 75 percent of most runs throughout i socialize ation by personal meeting between persons and all but you know what all of this is all for how do you think this will fundamentally change the way that we work will more people stay with working from home permanently. i don't think so i think some tasks can be done remotely and some other tasks will need
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a personal meeting and it will be resumed in full when we are able to travel again i think that won't change a lot right now if i had only pointed to this in her posts ok we'll have to leave it there in our break right now from the university of potsdam thank you so much for joining us. and we will be following this story closely at g.w. our social media editors will be reporting weekly and we want to know how you are coping with working from home we're all new to this crazy mind boggling situation despite this is not influenza we're uncharted territory all life as we know it is changing. but we're all in this together in this new series we want to find out how to handle
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on new allies in times of the corona pandemic thankfully with the help of leading expert it seems like it's been a very popular study how do we stay mentally and physically healthy how do we handle family and all partners without driving into a completely insane. just up how to deal with cabin fever. how are you dealing with being cooped up let me know leave a comment and i would love to profit from your experiences for our upcoming episode . well we asked you to send us some of your questions on the kobe 1000 pandemic and many of you did get in touch our science correspondent dirk williams has some answers take a look. why did you come from. to the best of our knowledge the 1st cases of coke at 19 appeared in the chinese city of
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one hon back in december of 2019 they were closely associated with a wildlife market they are now coronaviruses can jump from animals to humans and we think that that's what happened here at the sars virus that the same back in 2000 here in 2003 it was traced back to bats the civets sold in wildlife markets we don't yet know what animals might have acted as intermediaries here but we have seen very similar coronaviruses and bats and we think that they are the ultimate reservoir in the wild. how does it spread and. it 19 is a pretty infectious respiratory disease that spread by a drop lots of saliva or discharge from the nurse someone when they cough or sneeze that's why it's important to stay at least a metre away and preferably farther from anyone who's coughing or sneezing it
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doesn't stay airborne for very long we don't think but it can remain infectious after landing on surfaces which is why you also need to pay attention to how often you wash your hands and you should try not to touch your face as much as possible. how do i know if i'm in fact it. we only way to know for sure if you have coded 19 is to take a test because many of the symptoms are similar to those people experience when they have other respiratory ailments like the flu in coated 19 the primary symptoms that people have reported are fever dry cough and fatigue and then to a lesser extent things like congestion a sore throat or diarrhea some people who catch the disease don't have any symptoms at all their ace. symptomatic around 4 in 5 people who get it will recover from the disease without any special treatment or having to go to the hospital. what can i
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do if i'm in fact it. because this virus isn't novel one in humans no one has any immunity the 1st time they catch it even if someone doesn't show any symptoms they still grow in fact it and can in fact others we don't yet have any specific vaccines to prevent cove at 19 and we don't have any medications to treat it so at this point if you are infected there's no way to interrupt the course of the disease the best thing to do if you're infected it's a talk with your local medical authorities and follow their advice if you aren't in a high risk group for the disease the chances are very good you will return to full health within a couple of weeks. if i thought it was going i catch it again in the future. because this is a new virus we still don't know much about how the immune system well reacts to subsequent infections with copd at 19. doctors assume that catching it will give
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you some kind of immunity but a big question is exactly how long that immunity well last hour immunity levels to related coronaviruses like some that cause common colds are not permanent and we don't really know why the question of immunity is a question that really only time will answer. a news team that the australian public broadcaster o. r. f. will go into voluntary isolation to bring that to prevent any of them from becoming infected now they'll be isolated on site in vienna they've all tested negative for the virus and no one will be allowed in the door will be guarded and food will be delivered these $180.00 employees will guarantee that new services continue to run an interrupted oh r.f. is not the only austrian company to seal off key chains of staff last week around 50 healthy employees from the main energy company were isolated within certain
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power stations to make sure that the electricity supply would not be affected. thank you for joining our covert 1900. s. always you can get the latest on our website either we dot com for all of us here in berlin thank you for watching. africa. in the morning she's a student in the afternoon a reporter you learn to tara is taking their camera works on. her free time she goes out and reports on ecological issues in her home country south africa it makes me people aware and it makes them want to take initiative and join us for growth. and.
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